About Us


Our customers call us their best friends, wedding fashion squad or bridal party "cherry on cake".

As long as our effort brings happiness, we are ok with that.

Alright, let's take it slowly!

Sunny Boutique Miami it's a online shop of customized pre-wedding and party gifts such as matching robes, PJ's, swimsuits, jackets, accessories and a lot, lot more.

Whether you're planning a bachelorette party, a birthday one or just a slumber party with your gang, it will be more fun and stylish to match your outfits, ain't we right? Plus comfort and pampering it's what you deserve! And what a fabulous photo shooting, can you imagine?!

Each of our products can be personalized, which gives them that special touch and personality.

We've been together for almost 7 years now and we are blessed to be a part of your life's best moments!

Yup, that's getting us emotional, so we'll leave you to watch our catalog. Enjoy!